FAQ’s for the consumer

Do I have to pay to use your service?

No. It is completely free for the consumer.

Why should I use BiziFinder?

We’ve all been there. Searching Google for hours, hunting through newspaper and magazine, contacting people, leaving messages, having no information about the business we want to hire or use and getting no replies. It’s time consuming and so frustrating.

We created BiziFinder to make this experience easier, quicker and simpler than ever before to discover and connect with local businesses, all in one place.

What businesses can I find on BiziFinder?

BiziFinder is the home of locally grown businesses.

Our dedicated team have found proud, professional and passionate local businesses that want to tell the people of MK all about their services.

What type of business can I find on BiziFinder?

We feature all types of local businesses. A sample includes Personal Trainers, Builders, Accountants, Electricians, Barbers, Dog Walkers, Gardeners, Tattooists, Tutors, Flooring Fitters, Driving Instructors, and Web Designers.

With a category list of over 150 different businesses, finding the service you require has never been so easy!

How do I get the best results using BiziFinder?

Simply use our search facility to find the business or service you need. This will show up a list of businesses profiles, which will allow you to find out all about the businesses and the service they provide. You can read their bio; see photos, videos and reviews left by other customers. You can also see other businesses they recommend too. Now you can connect and get quotes from several businesses that catch your eye!

We know that every customer is different and each job or enquiry is unique. It might be reviews, pricing or availability that helps you chose between different businesses. Whatever you decided to do, you know that you will be choosing a business that is proud, professional, and passionate and have made their businesses accountable to the public.

How can I learn more about BiziFinder?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter